Smitty’s Story

Thurston Smith, known to most as “Smitty,” has been a longtime advocate for our region. Smitty has worked hard to reduce burdensome regulations because he knows firsthand how they affect businesses. In 1988, Smitty started his own small business working as a concrete pumping contractor in the High Desert.

A devout family man and Christian, Smitty has been married to Margaret for over 33 years and they have raised two children together in Hesperia. In 2007, their youngest son, Brandon, tragically lost his life in an off-road motorcycle accident in the California desert. This tragedy led Smitty and his wife to establish the “Brandon E. Smith Memorial Scholarship” with the Victor Valley College Foundation in order to help local students achieve their educational ambitions.

Fed up with increasingly burdensome regulations on his own small business in California, Smitty felt compelled to get involved in local government and be an advocate for fellow small business owners and taxpayers. In 2006, Smitty’s neighbors elected him to the Hesperia City Council where he served two terms and was appointed by his peers three times to serve as Mayor.

On the Hesperia City Council, Smitty championed government reform, cut government waste, and advocated for transportation infrastructure projects like the Ranchero Interchange on Interstate 15. His record on the Council was one of getting results for his neighbors. Smitty was instrumental in the completion of the Hesperia Civic Plaza Park and he worked with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department to help reduce crime in the City.

Thurston “Smitty” Smith and his wife, Margaret, have been residents of the 33rd Assembly District for over three decades. Smitty understands the challenges and opportunities of our region. He has held leadership posts in the local chamber of commerce, Victor Valley College Foundation, Hesperia Kiwanis, Desert Valley Hospital, and numerous other civic and faith-based groups in the High Desert. As a community leader and taxpayer advocate, Thurston “Smitty” Smith is well positioned to be our voice in the California State Assembly.

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Smitty pumping concrete in the Victor Valley in 1995

Protecting Our Neighborhoods

The fundamental priority for government is to protect its citizens. As Mayor in Hesperia, our City saw consistent decreases in violent crime. Unfortunately, due to misguided policies from Sacramento politicians like AB109, Prop 47 and Prop 57, our region is in trouble. Reducing punishments for violent offenders is not a step in the right direction – it’s the exact opposite. I am committed to fighting for policies that keep our community safe and support our law enforcement officers.

Fighting Taxes and Bureaucracy

Taxes are shredding the budgets of California taxpayers. Our neighbors are over-taxed and under-serviced by their state government. Have you noticed how many job creators have fled California for cheaper states like Arizona, Texas and Nevada? It’s time that California reduces the tax burden for our citizens and cuts bureaucracy to allow small businesses to flourish.

Standing Up for Prop 13

Sacramento politicians are threatening homeowners and small businesses by a pro-tax legislature. Bills like ACA 1 makes it easier to raise property taxes to pay for any type of government project and lowers the threshold of a two thirds vote to only 55%. This does nothing to help taxpayers and California’s housing crisis. I will stand firm against any attempts from Sacramento politicians to amend Prop 13.

Defending the 2nd Amendment

As an NRA member, I believe that all law-abiding citizens should be allowed to own a firearm. Subversive efforts to undermine this right violate the U.S. Constitution. I will remain opposed to Governor Newsom’s attempts to infringe on the 2nd Amendment.

Improving California for Future Generations

After years of neglect, our infrastructure has fallen into disrepair. Sacramento politicians continually raid our road repair funds to cover their wasteful spending elsewhere in the budget. California has the highest gas taxes in the county, yet our region receives very little of the benefit. As your Assemblyman, I will fight to bring more transportation State funds for our local communities.

Restore Local Control for our Students

Our education system is in trouble. I fully support returning spending and curriculum decisions to the local school boards – not Sacramento bureaucrats. California has a track record of failure for our students and I remain committed to local control of education and parent choice.


Congressman Col. Paul Cook (ret.)

California State Senator Scott Wilk

California State Senator & BOE Member George Runner (Ret.)

California State Senator Bob Dutton (Ret.)

San Bernardino County Supervisor Robert Lovingood

San Bernardino County Supervisor Dawn Rowe

Apple Valley Mayor Scott Nassif

Apple Valley Mayor Pro Tem Curt Emick

Apple Valley Councilwoman Kari Leon

Apple Valley Councilman Art Bishop

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Adelanto Mayor Gabriel Reyes

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Barstow Mayor Julie Hackbarth-McIntyre

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Needles Mayor Jeff Williams

Big Bear Lake Mayor Pro Tem Randall Putz

Mojave Water Agency Vice President Jim Ventura

Mojave Water Agency Board Member Kimberly Cox

Mojave Water Agency Board Member Jeanette Hayhurst

Mojave Water Agency President Carl Coleman

Mojave Water Agency Board Member Richard Hall

Victor Valley Community College President Joseph W. Brady

Hesperia Unified School District Board Member Eric Swanson

Hesperia Parks and Recreation District Board Member Bob Chandler

“An effective leader for our region.”

Supervisor Robert Lovingood
“A tough tax fighter for California.”
Mayor Larry Bird

“Dedicated to creating jobs for our region.”

Businesswoman Shannon Shannon


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